What is the FMF®?

FMF Dynamic Compressor System

The FMF® Compressor System is a device specifically designed for patients with chest-wall deformities, which gradually corrects the asymmetries.

It is completely built with an ultra-light aluminum alloy, and includes a metal plate which adapts to the protrusion, a supporting point in the back, and a device that allows to measure the pressures.

Using a pressure measuring device, it is possible to determine the precise amount of pressure needed to correct the deformity.

The use of a correct and controlled treatment pressure is fundamental to avoid “overcorrection” and hurting the skin. This way also a better tolerance to the treatment is achieved.

The FMF® Compressor System acts dynamically, and requires periodical pressure adjustments, as the thorax is corrected.

In addition to this, as the deformity is corrected, also the thoracic diameter changes. For that reason, the whole device needs to be adjusted periodically.

The percentage of success in the treatment using this system is close to 90%

The use of the  FMF® Compressor System avoids, in most of the cases, the need for a surgical procedure known as thoracoplasty.